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About Gandharvan.com - The Freelance Web Designer

I'm a freelance web designer here in Calicut, India with satisfied clients worldwide. Whether you you need a small to medium website or a large company requiring a Website Design and Development, I got you covered. Web Design is not just my job it's my passion. From basic websites to database driven CMS and e-commerce or shop carts I got you covered. I specialize in affordable, search-engine friendly website designs.

  • The Freelance Web Developer

    The Freelance Web Developer

    Founder - Web Developer
  • Creativity & Passion

    Creativity & Passion

    Aesthetics Designs and Layouts
  • Quality Assuarance

    Quality Assuarance

    Thrid party Website Testing
  • Device Compatibility

    Device Compatibility

    Responsive designs & Layouts

Type Of Websites I Make & Services I Offer

I've created many websites, from funky to corporate sites name it, i had it. I've work as a freelance before and now i'm in the corporate world. I can rate myself from 1-10 ummm... i think it's 8.. i can't say im excellent.. or perfect because there's no such thing as that, i'm learning, i'm developing myself to a more versatile web developer/designer. I will not stop learning as long as there new technologies for the web out there my continous drive for websites will always be there.

E-commerce, CMS & Portals, Matrimony websites, Art Culture and Entertainment, Computers & I.T. , Banks & Financial Institutions, Education, Training, Employment, Electronics, Communications, Hardware, Construction, Office Supplies, Business Support Services, Manufacturing, Home & Living, Health & Medicine, Professional Services, Real Estate, Goverment Agencies & Organizations, Travel & Accomodations, Transportations, Freight & Warehousing, Shopping, Retailers, Wholesalers, Publishing, Media & Advertising, Industrial Products & Services, Fitness & Beauty, Full CSS Sites, Automotive, Shop Cart and many more.

  • Quality Features

    Each Templatic theme is one of the most advanced WordPress themes in its niche. Most of our themes provide features that are simply not available anywhere else.

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  • Customer Care

    All registered members can receive help via two support systems, Helpdesk (private) and forums (public). Get the best technical support around!

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  • Theme Resources

    Along with the theme guide that comes with each theme purchase, each registered member also has access to our extensive documentation library with various WordPress-related articles.

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  • Test Drive

    Sales pages and demos allow you to learn a lot of about a theme, but they don't show you everything. With our test site you can see the admin back-end in action and see whether the theme meets your needs.

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  • 1-click Install

    Want to make your site look like our demo? It's one click away! This feature makes it easy to get started, especially because the added data can be removed afterwards.

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  • Make Money

    Instead of relying on secondary revenue streams such as ads, most Templatic themes come with built-in payment systems that allow you to process payments and make money without any additional apps.

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  • Theme Updates

    To provide maximum compatibility with WordPress and some plugins, our themes are routinely updated. We also aim to release upgrades for popular themes at least once a year.

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  • Track Record

    Over the past five years we have helped create tens of thousands of sites. To read the experiences of some of our customers be sure to visit the testimonials page.

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    Contact Us

    Kozhikode :: Ernakulam :: Kochi :: Trivandrum

    I am Sajith V Nair . Freelance web developer. I have a clinet base at Cochin , Calicut, Trivandrum, Banglore, New Delhi in India, and in countries such as United Kingfom , USA , Germany . You can contact me in Below mentioned address or mail to gandharvan@gmail.com


    Kozhikode, Kerala

    Room No 114 , Mythri Building , P M Kutty Rd , Nadakkavu ,Calicut , Pin- 673006, Kerala, India
    +91- 9745516101

    Gandharvan – Freelance Web Designer & Developer

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